The Factory


The Factory

Rubber Engineering Africa (PTY) Ltd. “state of the art” operation is housed in a 1200 square meter factory which is strategically located in Pinetown, a suburb of Durban. As a purpose built plant, it has two overhead cranes with individual capacities of 6,5metric tons. Whilst it has the versatility to produce rollers up to 7.5m in length and 1,1m in diameter, it enjoys operational and technological superiority to consistently produce rollers of the highest quality.

Rubber Engineering Africa (PTY) Ltd. maintains its service excellence and competitive edge by planned maintenance of existing equipment and its ongoing quest for technological advancement. Among others, it defines its stature in the industry by the following :


Stripping and BSA (Belt Sanding Apparatus)

Ensures clinical grinding which preserves the lifespan of roller shells and ensures unyielding bonding to new rubber covers


Shot Blasting

This process ensures excellent shell preparation and bonding of material.


Extruder Rubber Builder

Spiral building technology that ensures optimum bonding, firmness and consistency of the building process and eliminates porosity


Cylindrical Grinders

The ultimate solution to precision roll grinding especially on print rollers


Highest Quality Rubber Compounds

Technologically sieved (strained) and mixed to eliminate contaminants and achieve 100% homogenity


Quality Control

All rollers are subjected to ” built in ” quality control through all stages of process and finally inspected by our dedicated Quality Control Department before delivery to our customers


Collection and Delivery

A fleet of reliable company owned vehicles ensure efficient and prompt collection and delivery of rollers to obviate delays and ensure optimum service deliveries


Specialised Products

  • Inhouse Engineering
  • Rubber Sleeves / Sanforiser Belts
  • Laser Engraving
  • Fibreglass Sleeves
  • ESA Rubber & Polyurethane Covering
  • Impression Rollers
  • Kuster Rollers
  • Expander / Bowed rollers

General Products

  • Bowed Rolls
  • Banana Roll
  • Balancing Machine
  • Laser engraved
  • Feints & margins
  • Lithographic Printing Rolls
  • Polyurethane
  • Steel & Aluminium
  • Textile
  • Packaging

Contact Details

Tel: +27 31 700 6250
Fax: +27 86 523 3297
Physical Address:
No. 12 Ficus Place
Mahogany Ridge
South Africa

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